Design Work:


Project Overview: 

The brief for this student project was to create a book showcasing the Ottoman Calligraphy Collection from the Sakıp Sabancı Museum in Istanbul. The collection includes examples of 500 years of the art of Ottoman calligraphy, through rare manuscripts, panels and inscriptions, as well as tools used in the practice of this art.

The concept for the book design was inspired by the title, thin lines of gold. The main goal for the design concept was to celebrate and emphasize the intricate nature of the line work in the calligraphy.

To accomplish this, images from each chapter of the book were selected and partially deconstructed into an abstract illustration using very thin angular lines. This simplified abstraction creates stark contrast to the true art-form and skill of the calligraphy. 

There was a conscious effort to make sure that each deconstructed image used as an intro chapter illustration, could be found in its entirety (un-abstracted) further within the chapter.

2 - Pull Quote.png
2 - Illustration Flower.png
3 - Spread MockUp.jpg